Do Frogs Like Waffles? Well, Do They?

I can’t believe that Polly is “eyeballing” MY waffle. Do you think she wants a bite? Do frogs even like waffles? I think I need to protect my waffle, because after she takes one bite she will probably ask for another, and another, AND another! What shall I do? What would you do if a frog was looking at YOUR waffle?

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13 Responses to ““Polly, Leggo My Eggo!””

  1. Come on Polly, lets get some waffles.
    I will teach you code polka dot!

    Mrs. Shickle’s K. class

    I love you

  2. Dear Naomi!
    Thank you for offering to give me a waffle. I LOVE waffles so much. I know most frogs eat insects, but I’m not an ordinary frog. I also have a question for you…do you like polka dots? :o)


  3. What I Would Do If Polly Tried to Take My Waffle…

    I would buy her an order of french “flies”, so she’ll leave my waffle alone.

  4. Naomi…

    Mrs. Schneider won’t tell me what “Code Polka Dot” means. Please, please, please tell me what it means. Thanks for writing to me again!
    Your Friend,

  5. Dear Polly~
    If you really want a waffle I’ll give you one because you are so cute.

  6. YES, Polly loves waffles!!!With lots of blueberries on them..

  7. Mrs. Shickle's class
    December 29th, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    If a frog was trying to eat my waffle, I would eat very quickly. If she really wanted it, I could give it to her and ask the waitress for a new one. When I go to a restaurant, I really love to eat waffles. I like blueberries on my waffle. I also want whipped cream. Wait a minute, I think I would like a chocolate chip waffle. Polly said, “I don’t want anymore food because I’m too full!”

  8. Mrs. Arbogast's class
    December 29th, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    If a frog ate my waffle, I would say, “Get away from my waffle!” I would put my waffle in my bedroom so she wouldn’t eat it. I would put polly in the corner. I think it would be a better idea to put her outside. Frogs don’t eat waffles, they eat flies! I would put her in a pond where she belongs. Then she could find some flies. Wait a minute, I will take Polly back inside and she can eat my waffle. She will take one bite and then she will take another, and another, and another. She ate the whole waffle!

  9. That looks really good, and somebody gave me a Bob Evans gift card for Christmas! I’d like to stay and leave a longer message, but I want one of those tasty Belgian waffles! Later…

  10. Polly can eat the waffle. Polly likes the waffle. She will eat it with her mouth. Frogs don’t use forks!

  11. Dear Polly,
    Did you think the waffle was good? Do you like syrup with waffles? I like waffles, too.

  12. Dear Jasmin~
    Thanks for writing to me! I love waffles and I always put syrup on them. Yummy!

  13. I would give the whole thing to her. I would make her pay for it. I would buy myself another one.