Hamman's Home Hamlet

Polly visits the miniture ski village at Mrs. Hamman’s house.

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3 Responses to “Polly at the Hamlet”

  1. Polly At The Small Village

    Polly thinks that it is fun to be in a small village. Polly thinks that the small guys in the village is going to say ‘hi Polly!’ She is going to have a snowball fight.

  2. Polly And the Little People

    She thinks she’s going to have a good time at the village because she thinks they are going to introduce her to everyone. She will ask if they want to play some games in the village like catch. She wants to build snowmen with the little people, and they think this is going to be a good idea!

  3. The Fun Adventure with Polly

    Polly thinks that its going to be fun to go to Hamlets because every adventures shes been to was fun. Shes going to ski down the road and shes going to run into a tree.