Polly and the Snake

I Was Just Trying to be Friendly!

Today we went for a walk on the C&O Canal and we came upon a snake sunning himself in the middle of the path. Of course we were curious, and wanted to check him out, but he wasn’t at all interested in meeting and talking to us. With a flick of his tongue, he slithered back into the grass and then climbed up a tree.

Being the friendly frog that I am, I hopped into the tree and tried to talk to him–he ignored me. My friends told me later that snakes eat frogs–gulp–I didn’t know that! I guess in addition to being a travel frog, I’m also a lucky frog! I think Mr. Schneider took a great picture of me and the snake. What do you think?

Mrs. Schneider told me to tell you that whenever you find wildlife in the woods, you should approach it with extreme caution, and only after an adult tells you that it’s okay.

Snake in a tree!

Have you ever seen a snake crawl up a tree? It was so cool!

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12 Responses to “Polly and the Snake”

  1. Wow….SnAkEs GrOsS mE oUt!!!!

    I can’t believe you got a picture of Polly and a snake. I have to admit…that is a very cool picture but I do not like snakes at all. Good thing Polly was a good sport about it. Hip Hip Hurray for Polly.

  2. Hi Polly we were just wondering if you knew what kind of snake that was. We have a lot of snakes that like to visit our yard and like to visit us at the river. The ones that come into our yard are not poisonous, but some of the ones that are at the river are poisonous. We are really careful not to go near them or touch them.

    Dear Jacob,
    Hi, thanks for writing. I was told that it was a black rat snake and it’s not poisonous. I’m glad to hear that you’re careful around snakes!

  3. Dear Mr. Schneider,
    I think you were silly because you took a picture of the snake. Snakes can bite you and you will bleed. Some snakes are poisonous, but this one is not. Was it a baby snake?

  4. Dear Mr. Schneider,
    Some snakes can bite you. Polly should talk to the snake because this snake is friendly. He will not bite Polly. I like the snake. Did you like taking a picture of the snake?

  5. I think Mr. Schneider did a good job taking this picture. Polly, you need to be more careful!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you were able to get this picture! Good job!

  7. I was there too, and the snake was actually on its best behavior. It made no attempt to strike, and for a minute or two it seemed as curious about Polly as she was about it.

    However, I want to remind everyone that Mrs. Schneider is absolutely correct: all wild animals should be approached with caution! This particular snake was a black rat snake, and the species is non-poisonous and generally docile. Just remember that some snakes ARE poisonous and are best left alone. Animals rarely look for trouble, and if they are treated with respect they are fun to see in the wild.

  8. Polly, you sure were lucky today that you weren’t hurt. It’s a good thing that Mr. and Mrs. Schneider were there to look out for you.


  10. The snake is big.

  11. The snake is a bad snake!