Fish Pond

Corey showed me his fish pond

I had so much fun at Corey’s house. When we first came home from school, Corey took me in his big brother’s room and taught me how to play xbox. That was a lot of fun! We didn’t take any pictures in there because his mom said the room is too dirty. (He’s teenager and from what I understand that is normal)

It was Corey’s turn to set the table and he let me help. Corey and I got to use the special day plates to celebrate my visit. I had flies but Corey had steak and veggie kabobs with rice and salad. Yummy!!!

Frog Eating Dinner

"Wait a second! Corey, can I have a bite of what you're having? It looks good!"

After dinner Corey took me outside to see his pond. We had a great time looking at fish and trying to find the frogs. The pond looked so inviting I wanted to jump in.

Frog Pond

Checking out the fish pond

Corey: Polly, what do you see?
Polly: A frog!
Corey: That’s  your reflection!

I told Corey how much I love to jump so he took me on his trampoline. That was awesome!!!!

Jumping Frog

Boing! Boing! Boing!

Corey took me a for a bike ride around his neighborhood and introduced me to two of his friends. Owen and Natalie. We went back to Owen’s house and played on his playground. I like the slide the best.

There was an old lady that swallowed a bat

"I hope the Old Lady doesn't want to swallow a frog!"

I had to sit in Corey’s room and wait for him while he took a shower, but as soon as he was done we got to read some books. I love the one about and old lady who swallowed a bat. It was hilarious.

Frog in a bunk bed

There were three in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over!"

I was exhausted by the end of my visit and couldn’t wait to go to bed. Corey, Kevin and I all slept on the top bunk together.

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7 Responses to “Polly # 9 visits with Corey”

  1. I enjoyed reading your story. It sounds like you had a great day!

  2. I’m Sure Polly Loved “The Pond”

    Hey Corey how did you keep Polly from jumping into the pond? I’m sure she wanted to. Maybe she was too tired from all of the other fun things you guys did. I know she is looking forward to going home with Kevin.

    Mrs. Shickle

  3. Polly,

    You had a great visit with Corey and Kevin. I hope you had fun riding around the neighborhood on Corey’s bike!

  4. What a busy evening you had!! Sounds like lots of fun (double the fun!!) I bet Polly can’t wait to visit the “pond” again when she gets to go home with Kevin!

  5. Corey~

    You have your own pond? Wow, that’s a dream come true for a frog! I enjoyed reading your post and it sounds like Polly #9 had a great time visiting your house! I love the picture where you, Kevin, and Polly are looking at the pond…I would have been tempted to jump in!

    Polly #3

  6. Hey Polly,

    Remember my loose tooth??? It fell out this morning!!!!!!!

    That’s great Corey, don’t forget to tell the class and put it in the calender book!
    Love, Polly

  7. The trampoline looked like fun. I bet Polly was good at that because frogs like to hop.