Frog on a bike!

Having fun with Polly.

Mrs. Shickle,
Let me begin by thanking you for letting Polly come and spend time with me and my family. We had a very busy night. First, we took Polly for a bike ride.

Look at her go!

Look at her go!

Ride Polly, Ride!

Barbie was kind to share her pink bike with Polly. I wanted to make sure Polly was safe, so we made her a bike helmet.

Frog and Cow

"Ribbit? Moo? We just couldn't communicate!"

After we finished bike riding we played in my backyard. I really enjoyed swinging with Polly, but I think she liked spending time by the water best.

Next, my dad came home and it was time for dinner. We wanted to take Polly out for salsa and chips at Viva Mexico. I think Polly had a really good time. I was sooooo exhausted from all the excitement; I fell asleep at the dinner table! Finally, my daddy paid the bill, carried us to the car and drove us home to catch some zzzzzzzzz’s.

Bed Time

Time for Bed!


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8 Responses to “Polly #9 Spends the Night at Naomi’s House”

  1. The pictures are hilarious! I love Polly’s bike helmet, and the lack of communication with the cow is still making me laugh!

  2. I want a bike too! It looks like so much fun.

    Polly #9 looks like she is having such a great time visiting all of the wonderful children in Mrs. Shickle’s class. I really like reading all the stories and looking at all of the pictures.

  3. What a “Moo”ving Story

    Dear Naomi,

    What an awesome sleep over! I love Polly’s bike helmet, and she look so cute riding the Barbie bike. Did Polly like the Mexican food? I wonder what that cow was thinking about Polly? I’m so sorry you didn’t feel well Friday, I hope you are all better now!

    Mrs. Shickle

  4. Dear Naomi~

    Thanks so much for submitting your story and pictures to the site. I absolutely love the pictures of Polly on the pink bike–I laughed until I cried!

    Mrs. Schneider

  5. Wow! Naomi that sure was a trendy looking helmet you made Polly. I’m sure glad she was safe riding that nice pink bike.

  6. Dear Polly,

    Do you know how to ride a motorcycle? My dad had a motorcycle when I was a baby,but it’s broken now. I would like to ride a motorcycle someday. I wish I had a motorcycle.

    Your Friend,

  7. I love you

    Dear Polly,
    We had a good time at denre we ritid are.
    beck then i fell asleep so daddy carried me

  8. Dear DK,

    No I’ve never been on a motorcycle. I think it would be too fast for me!