I Love Green Eggs and Ham!

Do you like the way I made the title rhyme? That’s because I am now a rhymn’ writer!

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day,
And this is what I want to say…
Hooray! Horray!
In our class we had so much fun,
I was so sad when the day was done.
Stories, puzzles, and a game pack,
We even had green eggs and ham for a snack!
We saw a movie about a funny cat,
Do you like my funny hat?
One never knows what we’ll do,
So be sure to check in to find out what’s


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18 Responses to “Polly #9 is Doing Fine!”

  1. The rhyming frog
    March 3rd, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Hi, I’m Polly, I’m a frog–
    Look who’s on my travel blog!

    Lots of kids in awesome glasses
    Showing off in all their classes,

    Looking great–beyond compare;
    Polly even has a pair!

    What a story! I can’t wait
    To see what’s sitting on the plate

    That’s creative, Mrs. Shickle,
    Eggs the color of a pickle!

    And the ham looks really neat!
    Tell me, is it time to eat?

    I’m really hungry, yes I am,
    And I love green eggs and ham!

    I would eat it in a school,
    In a chair or on a stool,

    With my fingers, with a spoon,
    Or in Mrs. Shickle’s room,

    On the playground, in the hall,
    While I’m playing basketball!

    So tell me, can I have a bite?
    Green eggs really are a sight–

    I am Polly, yes I am…
    Can I have more green eggs and ham?

  2. Thank you Polly for spending the school day with all the Kindergarten students. Mrs. Shickle sure is really creative and cares for her students.

  3. I really like your poem. It is very funny. How did you learn to write such good poems?


  5. Dear Mrs. Shickle,
    Polly loves green eggs and ham. I love green eggs and ham. I hope Polly shares it with me. Polly loves the Cat in the Hat.


  6. Hi Polly,
    It was great seeing you at all of the Dr. Suess events this week! What a fun way to celebrate Dr. Suess birthday. We really liked your Rhymes, they were really neat, and funny! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  7. Dear Polly,

    Dr. Seuss Day was fun because we had a cake. I wish I had a Dr. Seuss hat. I saw a Dr. Seuss hat at Wal-Mart. I have a question for you. Do you want presents from the Grinch?


    You Take the Cake!

    Aren’t you glad the cake was not fake,
    And was the kind you really bake!
    I am so glad you liked my hat,
    Do I look like that silly cat?
    You could make one like at Wal-Mart,
    Maybe in your class called art.
    Polly # 9

  8. My Story….

    Dear Polly,
    Hi Polly! Dr. Suess Day was fun. We watched a movie about the Cat in the Hat. The movie was funny. We ate green eggs and ham. It was good. Do you like green eggs and ham?

    We got a paper that told us about a program at the mall. I went to the mall and saw the Cat in the Hat. It was fun! They called my name and I won a book called, Green Eggs and Ham.

    How About Some Toast and Jam!

    I’m so glad you went to the Mall,
    It sounds like you had a ball.
    I can’t believe they called your name,
    That sounds like a super game!
    And yes, I do like green eggs and ham,
    I’d love to try them with toast and jam!
    Polly # 9

  9. Dear Polly,
    Dr. Seuss was a writer and his books rhyme. We celebrated his birthday in our class. Dr. Suess is not alive anymore. We ate green eggs and ham. We read his books.


    Mack You’re on the Right Track!

    Hi Mack,
    I am so glad you like the books,
    About the Cat, the Sneeches,and the Nuks!
    That Dr. Suess sure could rhyme,
    I read his books all the time.
    I makes me sad that he died!
    Polly #9

  10. Dear Mrs. Shickle,

    I liked Dr. Seuss day. We got to learn about Dr. Seuss. He wrote funny books. My favorite book is The Cat in the Hat. Polly was wearing a cat “in the hat” hat.


    I’m So Glad You Like Dr. Seuss!

    Hi Harlie,
    I’m so glad that you like Dr. Seuss,
    You know he’s as famous as Mother Goose.
    You’re right his books are really funny,
    If I could write like that I’d make lots of money!
    Polly #9

  11. It looks like Polly #9 had a fun time at Dr. Seuss Day. I wish I could have been there!

  12. Polly, I wish I had a Polly!

  13. Dear Naomi,

    I hope you are not in a tift,
    Because I forgot about the gift,
    No, I would not like one from the Grinch,
    It would probably be something that would pinch!

    Polly # 9

  14. Dear Polly,
    I had fun on Dr. Seuss Day because I like Dr. Seuss Day. Mrs. Shickle made green eggs and ham for me. I liked the green eggs and ham. She made it for us because there is a book called, Green Eggs and Ham.

    Mrs. Shickle Likes to Cook!

    Dear Ayana,
    You are so right about the book,
    But she also made them because she likes to cook.
    Love, Polly #9

  15. Dear Polly,

    You had green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss Day. Did you like it? I liked eating green eggs and ham. My favorite part of Dr. Seuss Day was when the show choir sang at the school. I like your red and white hat.

    I’m Glad You Liked my Hat of Red and White

    Dear G.W.,
    I’m so glad you liked my hat of red and white,
    And yes I loved the green eggs and ham,every bite.
    I don’t remember the choir, was that at night?
    I’m sure it was quite a sight.
    Love, Polly # 9

  16. Dear Polly,

    I had a good time on Dr. Seuss Day because it was Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. We colored a picture of Dr. Seuss. I like the book called, Green Eggs And Ham. I also like the book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.


    One Fish, Two Fish….

    Dear Trinity,
    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,
    Do you have a special wish?
    I’m so glad you had fun that day,
    Thank you for the nice things you had to say.
    Love, Polly # 9

  17. I like green eggs and ham
    on toast that’s spread with jam
    With a meatball made of lamb
    spiced with Kallahari clam.

  18. Roses are red, violets are blue
    I have a twin how about you?

    Kevin & Corey
    You look like him,
    He looks like you,
    Because when you were born,
    There were two!
    Now that makes sense,
    So there is no more suspense!
    Love, Polly #9