Polly in the Reading Garden

After a very scary trip up a snowy hill, I have arrived at my new home! I was first delivered to Mrs. Shickle’s home and the trip was very frightening! The car began to slide and spin! I had visions of landing in a snow bank and was so afraid I was going to have to hop all the way up that steep hill, but Mrs. Schneider came to my rescue and carried me to Mrs. Shickle.

After a relatively relaxing evening ( I was a little nervous about the 3 Shickle dogs) Mrs. Shickle took me to her classroom. It’s a very nice place, it’s decorated to look like a garden!! There are even pictures of bugs and butterflies painted on the walls. I really think I’m going to like it here.

I will get to meet the students today, I’m so excited!!!!! I’ll send a picture as soon as Mrs. Shickle learns how to put it on the computer.

Mrs. Shickle told me I will be reporting on the growth and development of some tadpoles she is going to be getting for the students! Now that’s something I know about!! I’m looking forward to my new reporting assignment, talk to you again soon!
Love, Polly # 9

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6 Responses to “Polly # 9 Has Arrived at Her New Home!”

  1. What a pretty new home for Polly #9. She already looks like she has settled in and is ready to have some classroom fun and meet Mrs. Shickle’s students.

  2. Polly #9~
    You have a great new home, and my friend Mrs. Shickle will take good care of you! I need to tell you a little secret, Mrs. Shickle doesn’t like snakes, in fact, she’s afraid of them. Don’t worry…she loves frogs

  3. Mrs. Shickle is an excellent teacher who has all kinds of colorful learning tools in her classroom. Polly #9 is a very lucky travel frog!

  4. Tadpoles! I can’t wait! Your students will love seeing them grow. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was a kid.

  5. Good luck with Polly in your classroom. I think your students will love her.