Polly #35 with the Pollywogs

I was out for a drive with my family and we stopped at a local pet store. There I found four tiny members of my family wiggling around in the water. How could my family refuse my smile? So, we added two pollywogs to our family. Look for more updates about our latest family additions.

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6 Responses to “Polly #35 with the Pollywogs”

  1. This is such a cute picture! How long does it take for them to fully change into frogs?

  2. Memories!

    It’s hard to believe that I once looked like that! Look at me now!

  3. Do the tadpoles get t-shirts when they grow up? They look kind of naked without them! I’m an avid frog blog reader, so every time I see a frog in the wild or in an aquarium I wonder the same thing: “Why isn’t that frog wearing a Polly t-shirt?”

  4. Dear Polly #35,
    Polly, do you love the tadpoles? Do you wish you could be a tadpole too, so you can swim with them? Are you their mom? I liked the picture that you sent to website because of the tadpoles, the froggy lamp, and you!

  5. When you were a tadpole, you must have been little.

  6. Metamorphasis

    I believe that the time for the tadpole cycle depends upon the species and the conditions under which it is living. Generally you can figure upon eight weeks for the change between tadpole to frog.