Coloring Eggs
Grace and Polly coloring eggs

Kelsey and Grace kept telling me that we were going to color Easter eggs but I didn’t know what they meant. I kept waiting and really thought that we just wouldn’t have time for it. But tonight they surprised me! We colored eggs together. Grace let me put the eggs in and take them out of the color. Of course it was my favorite–green.

A Frog Easter
“Green is my favorite color!”

Kelsey let me hold all of my eggs. I thought I could eat them but they told me I had to share with the rest of the family.

A Frog Easter
Happy Easter!

Well, here are our finished eggs. Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look at all those green eggs!

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8 Responses to “Polly #32 Coloring Eggs”

  1. Sorry Maddie got sick hope she is better!

  2. Yes Polly did get to go on an egg hunt. She even got her own Easter basket–green! We had to follow an egg path to our baskets. Polly found green eggs, G.W. Found purple, K.W. Found pink. Will post pictures later.

  3. Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

    Happy Easter! I hope you had a fun day!

    Mrs. Schneider

  4. Good thing Polly got to color eggs this year. Maddie got the stomach flu so we never ended up coloring eggs this year. I have the hard boiled eggs ready, maybe she will do them tonight. Therefore, the Easter bunny had to be very creative this year when doing our egg hunt. She found plastic eggs in the attic and stuffed them with candy and money for Maddie and her brother. Since the weather was so nice she was also able to hide the eggs in the back yard. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! Did Polly get to go on a egg hunt as well?

  5. Hey G.W. and K.W.

    Looks like your Polly is having a great time! Enjoy your break!

    Love, Mrs. Shickle

  6. Dear G.W.

    It looks like you and Polly had fun painting eggs together.

  7. Dear Polly,

    Happy Easter! You should have made a green egg with a frog on it. You could also make a pink egg with yellow baby chicken on it.

    Did you have fun hunting for Easter eggs? Did you see the Easter Bunny? What kind of candy did you get for Easter? Did you get a chocolate bunny?

    I like chocolate rabbits. I got a chocolate Easter rabbit, jellybeans, and Play Doh. My sister ate a piece of the Play Doh. I warned her not to eat the Play Doh, but she didn’t listen and she ate it!

    Did you eat the green Easter egg?

    I enjoyed the pictures of the colored Easter eggs.

    R.W. & A.J.

  8. To R.W. and A.J.

    We did like the egg hunt. We did not see the Easter bunny but we saw other bunnies at grandma and paps. We did eat the green eggs and the other ones too.