Polly and the Mystery Fruit

Well, Andrew Zimmern says, "If it looks good eat it," but I'm really not sure.

“I’m not gonna try it. Why don’t you try it?”

“I’m not gonna try it. Let’s get Polly! She’ll eat anything! Hey, Polly…”

The fact is that Polly the Travel Frog needs your help. She’s a curious creature and likes to get to the bottom of every mystery, but she also likes to know what she’s eating before she takes a bite. Polly eyeballed this odd looking piece of fruit for several minutes, and her perpetual smile turned to a puzzled look on more than one occasion.

That’s when she hopped to the computer and decided to put a picture of the fruit on her frog blog. Being a bit of a ham, Polly had to get in the picture too! If there is anybody out there who can identify this fruit, please let Polly know what it is. She’s getting hungry!

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10 Responses to “Polly #3 and the…fruit?”

  1. Polly #3 Has Style

    I like Polly’s Bohemian look. Pardon the pun, but she kind of looks like a starving artist. If it looks good, eat it!


  3. It’s definitely real!

  4. The guy at the fruit market
    February 26th, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    That piece of fruit you’re wanting to eat looks like a lemon plum. Bon appetite! It does look really tasty!

  5. Is it even real?

    It looks so perfect that I’m wondering if it’s even real fruit or fake.

  6. I’ve seen them before but I can’t remember what they’re called.

  7. I think it might be a yellow gage plum, but I’m not all that sure about it.

  8. Goo goo grape is a really funny answer. I laughed for about ten minutes when I read that! I think it’s some kind of weird looking tomato. Polly’s right–never eat anything unless you know that it’s safe!

  9. Is it a nectarine?

  10. I Love Polly so Much!

    I know it’s not an orange. I know it’s not a cucumber. I know it’s not an apple. I think it is a goo goo grape.