My New Friend!

Hi! My name is Polly Pitts. I was a birthday gift to Breonna. So far we have played outside and taken a ride in Mommy’s car. Thank you Ms. Shickle for sending me here! I’m pretty sure I’ll have more pictures as we go to the beach and the park and many other fun places.

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  1. A teacher keeping in touch with a student who moved during the school year…does it get any better than that? I don’t think so. There is a lot of good in the world. Three cheers for Breonna and her family and Mrs. Shickle and her students! This is a great story.

  2. That was nice of Mrs. Shickle. I can’t wait to see the pictures of Virginia Beach!

  3. Hello Breonna,

    I’m so glad Polly made it to Virginia Beach. I hope we will be able to send stories to each other. I was so happy to see your picture submission! I miss having you in my class but am so glad we can send messages to each other. Do you think Polly can visit your new school and we can see your new classroom? The class will write to you on Monday. Have a great weekend.

    Mrs. Shickle

  4. Hi Breonna~

    I was so exited to see your post! Your picture with Polly is so cute. We really miss you here, but I think this will be a great way to keep in touch with you. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of you and Polly at the beach making a sand castle.

    Mrs. Schneider

  5. Your friends in Mrs. Shickle's Class
    March 9th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Hi, from your friends at Berkeley Heights.

    Dear Breonna,
    How are you doing? From: Mackenzie
    We have a Polly too! From: Maiesha
    Do you like your new house? From: Gage
    I miss you! From: Harlie
    Do you like your new school? From: Walker
    Are you doing well? From: Kaleb
    We all miss you! From: Trinity
    Do you like living in Virginia? From: Jakob
    How does Polly like Virginia Beach From: Corey
    Are you doing well at your new school? From: Kevin
    Hi! From: Emma
    Do you like the water? From: Naomi
    Do you and Polly like living by the beach? From: Aiden
    What does your house look like? From: Dinah
    Hi, from Elizabeth and Ayana! We are new students in Mrs. Shickle’s class.
    Hi! From: Kesi
    Breonna I hope you like hearing from all of your classmates at Berkeley Heights. Let us know what you are learning about at your new school.
    Mrs. Shickle

  6. Hi Guys!

    Dear class,
    To Mackenzie: Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To Maiesha: that?s great.
    To Gage: Yes. I like it.
    To Harlie: I miss you too.
    To Walker: Yes walker.
    To Kaleb: Yes Kaleb.
    To Trinity: I miss you too.
    To Jakob: it?s great!
    To Corey: Polly loves it.
    To Kevin: yes.
    To Emma: hi to you too!
    To Naomi: it?s swell!
    To Aiden: yes we do.
    To Dinah: it has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has a kitchen, living room, and dining room. We have a big fish tank.
    To Elizabeth and Ayana: hi to you too!
    To Kesi: hi to you too!
    Ms. Shickle, we are doing graphs. Mine was ?Do You Have a Dog?? I went around the class and asked who had a dog. Raven was the only one who didn?t have a dog. I only go to kindergarten for half a day. We are learning about pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
    My teacher had a baby. The baby?s name is Anna Michelle Erwin. It?s a girl and she has a lot of black hair. Mrs. Erwin is spending a lot of time at home with her baby. She sent us pictures. She promised us that she would bring her baby to class soon.
    I mailed my letter to you today.

  7. Dear Breonna,

    We read your post today and all of your friends were so excited that you wrote back to them! They couldn’t believe that you only go to school for a half day. Do you go in the morning or afternoon? What do you do during the time you are not in school, I bet I know! Draw pictures and read books. I miss you a bunch!

    Mrs. Shickle

  8. Dear Breonna,

    I received your letter today and love the pictures you sent. I didn’t get the mail until after the boy’s and girl’s had gone home but I will read the letter to them and show them the pictures tomorrow. I know they will be so excited to hear from you again. My favorite part of the letter was the great news about your grades and report card!! I know you are a very smart girl. Today we learned about St. Patrick’s Day and celebrated Polly # 9’s birthday. Be sure to read her posts and look at all the silly pictures. I’m sure you will love seeing all of the pictures of your friends. When is your Spring Break? Ours is the week after Easter. Is yours the same time? If it’s not be sure to come and see us when you come to W.V. Is Polly coming with you? I am sorry to hear that your sister has to visit the hospital so often, I’m sure the doctors make her feel better.
    Keep check our Polly site and Polly #9 and I will continue to post stories and pictures.

    Mrs Shickle

  9. Mrs. Shickle & Class,

    It was great to hear from you today. I go to school in the morning from 8:30am until 11:30am. I ride the bus in the morning with my brother and my Mom picks me up from school at the end of my school day. When we get home I do my homework, eat lunch, read a few books, and watch TV with my Mom and sister. I also play with my dog Diva.

    Today I got my own calendar. My Mom made it for me on the computer. It helps me keep track of the days. I’m counting down the days until Spring Break. I’m so excited because I’ll come back to West Virginia that week and spend time with my Nana and Pop Pop. The calendar also helps me remember birthdays and other special days that are coming up.

    My Mom also rented the Princess and the Frog movie. I know Polly will LOVE watching it with me!

  10. Hi,how are you? How is Polly Pitts doing?
    Love, Mackenzie