Lucky Polly!

I am so excited! I have made a brand new friend. This past weekend Mrs. Shickle forgot to take me home with her and I was feeling very lonely. I decided to explore our classroom so I wouldn’t be so bored.

I noticed a new plant on the shelf that was the most beautiful shade of green(you know that’s my favorite color) with little white flowers. I hopped over to check out the plant and you will NEVER believe what I saw. There inside the plant was this little man dressed all in green! He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him, but being a very polite frog I introduced myself.

He told me his name was Lucky the Leprechaun and that he is visiting Mrs. Shickle’s class all the way from Ireland. Well, that is so cool because Ireland is where I took my first trip with Mrs. Schneider. He told me he is here to leave a surprise for Mrs. Shickle’s class on a very special day called St. Patrick’s Day, that is if they are good listeners. I don’t know much about St. Patrick but I bet Mrs. Shickle is going to teach us all about him on March 17th. Lucky said she will tell us all about Leprechauns too. I can hardly wait!

Well, Lucky and I had the best time this weekend, he even let me try on his glasses and bow tie. How do you think I look? Lucky also told me to remind the students not to try to find him or he will have to leave. So, boys and girls remember to work quietly and do your best so Lucky can leave a very special surprise.
Love, Polly # 9

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5 Responses to “My New Friend!”

  1. Aye, begorrah, Polly…I’ll not let ye out of me sight until ye hand o’er yer pot of gold!

  2. Dear Polly,
    The reason you like the color green is because YOU are green! Polly, you were lucky to meet a leprachaun. I wish I could meet a leprechaun.

  3. I love those Shamrock plants…they are so festive and cool. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. Dear Mrs. Shickle’s Class…

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Mrs. Schneider

  5. Polly you look cool with the glasses and bow-tie. I can’t wait to meet Lucky tomorrow.

    I Hope You Had Fun!
    Dear Dinah,
    I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet Lucky today, but as we learned it’s very difficult to catch a leprechaun. But aren’t you glad Lucky left you his special gold, hats to make and fun St. Patrick’s Day games! I think Mrs. Shickle forgot to show you guys Lucky’s pictures today, but I’m sure she will tomorrow. Which activity did you like best today? I am so glad you are making comments everyday! You are such a good writer!
    Love, Polly #9