My last day

My Last Day at Berkeley Heights

Today is my last day at school. I will be moving away from Martinburg. I liked playing with all of my friends at school. I will miss everybody, especially Mrs. Shickle and Mrs. McCune. I will miss Emma, Miesha, and Emily. I like to learn about numbers. Mrs. Shickle always gives us number cards. I like when Mrs. Shickle reads books to us. Today me and Polly took a picture in the library.

Library Books

I love checking books out of the library!

my class

I'll miss all of you!

My Silly Class

My Silly Class

I'll miss you, Mrs. Shickle!

"Thanks for always helping me, Mrs. McCune!"

Thanks for Always Helping Me, Mrs. McCune.

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5 Responses to “My Last Day in Mrs. Shickle’s Class”

  1. Hi Trinity~

    I enjoyed spending time with you earlier today. We sure are going to miss you, but I want to wish you the best of luck at your new school. Make sure to write to us on the Polly site!

    Mrs. Schneider

  2. I Will Miss You!

    Dear Trinity,

    I am very sad that you are not going to be in my class anymore. I hope you will be very happy at your new house and school. Be a good girl and show the teachers how smart you are. Check the Polly site and leave comments for us. We will comment back to you! I will miss you very much.

    Mrs. Shickle

  3. It’s like one big, happy learning family. The teacher and all of the kids are very entertaining! I enjoy all of your posts!

  4. Trinity, good luck in your new school. It looks like Polly and your your kindergarten friends will miss you.

  5. Trinity, I will miss you

    I hope you have fun at your new school and home. I hope you
    make a lot of new friends!