"Hopping in the halls is against the rules. What is that frog doing?"

Hi, my name is Polly.  I am a frog and I like to travel.  Today was my first day of school, and I was shy.  I was shy because people were staring at me. My three favorite things about school are lunch, art, and gym.

My old house was in Toad Town.  My teacher there was nice.  Her name was Mrs. Tiger, and she was so nice that she give us snacks. My favorite snack was flies. I am excited that we moved, but I will miss my class and my teacher.

I met a girl elephant named J’na.  She was shy because it was her first day of school too.  During gym class a group of kids came up to me and said, “Do you want to be friends?” I said, “Of course I’ll be friends with you.” I met my new teacher today.  His name is Mr. Bigfoot.  I also got the chance to meet Principal Lillypad.

I’m a frog, but I sometimes forget. Today I jumped in the hall, I swam in the toilet, and I croaked in the library. I guess that’s why people started to stare at me.

Lunch was so good. My favorite thing was my flies.   My mom packed a fly sandwich, worm chips, and a mosquito candy bar.  Art was fun. I drew a picture for my mommy.  At gym we jumped and ran.

The best thing about my day was making friends, meeting my teacher, and my lunch.  I hope tomorrow at school we go swimming in gym class!

"Shhhh...No croaking in the library!"

"Welcome to our school!"

"I love art class!"

"I can't believe Polly is going to eat that!"

Would you eat a fly sandwich?

New Friends

Story written by: Mae L.
2nd Grade

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4 Responses to “My First Day at School”

  1. This is very funny and creative! Mae L. did a great job, and Polly was really funny too!

  2. Mae,
    I loved your story and I had fun taking pictures with you!
    Polly #3

  3. Mae,
    I absolutely love your story. Your pictures are fabulous! Thanks for helping Polly on her first day at school.

  4. Hi Polly #3 i like all of your pictures. I think they look cool! In fact, did you have fun at school?