Dancing Frog

Look at all of the neat dance shoes Mrs. Shickle’s daughter Haylee gave me! I have pointe shoes, ballet slippers, and tap shoes! I can’t wait to dance. Naomi, can I come home with you so you can help me learn the steps?
Love, Polly # 9

I just want to tap my toes all day!

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7 Responses to “I Just Gotta Dance by Polly # 9”

  1. I can never find nice shoes that fit me. Please tell me where I could find some that I can wear. Not many stores in this area carry my size.

  2. I bet you are a good ballet and tap dancer.

    Thank you Emma!

    Dear Emma,

    Thank you for writing to me. I know that you are a very good dance too and that you were in a very special dance called the Nutcracker! Could you send me a picture of you in your costume?

    Polly # 9

  3. Hi Polly,

    I have dancing shoes too! Maybe we can dance together.

    Do Ya Wanna Dance…

    Dear D. Edwards,
    I would love to dance with you, maybe I could come to your house for a sleepover!
    Love, Polly # 9

  4. Dear Polly,

    I would love for you to come sleep over.



  5. Oh Boy, Another Sleepover Invitation!!

    Dear Dinah,

    Thank you so much for inviting me for a sleepover, I can’t wait!! What do you think we will do?

    Polly #9

  6. Dinah having a sleepover with Polly

    Watch movies on Friday night, eat popcorn and play games.

    Love, D. Edwards

  7. Dear Dinah,

    That sounds like so much fun! I hope we get to have a sleep over soon!

    Polly #9