I Guess I Would Have Come Up to Abe Lincoln's Ankle!

When it comes to Abraham Lincoln, how do you measure up? We learned that Abe was 6 feet and 4 inches tall. No, that doesn’t mean he had 6 feet!

We are learning about measurement in Mrs. Shickle’s class. There are a lot of ways to measure. Time for example, can be measured in years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds.

Now we are going to learn about how tall, short, wide, or narrow things can be by measuring in feet and inches. We drew a picture that showed how tall Abraham actually was, and Walker’s mom measured us and took our picture. Walker’s dad was 1 inch taller than President Lincoln.
Love, Polly # 9

See how some of us measured up to Abe. By the way, I was the shortest!

I'm feeling a little taller now!

Abe's hat made him seem even taller!

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7 Responses to “How do You Measure Up?”

  1. What a great way to teach measurement! “Hands on” is a great way to learn!

  2. Polly this activity was fun. I measured at 4 feet.

  3. Polly, I would have to grow 2 more feet.

  4. Dear Dinah,

    If you are 4 feet tall and President Lincoln was 6 feet tall how many more feet would you have to grow to be as tall as President Lincoln?


    Love, Polly # 9

  5. Dear Dinah,

    That is correct! How did you figure out the answer? Tell Mrs. Shickle that you should get a penny for your piggy bank!

    Love, Polly #9

  6. Dear Kai,

    I think you are really cool too, you are such a smart boy and are such a good listener in Mrs. Shickle’s class. I can’t wait to have a sleepover at your house. I’m planning to go home with you Monday evening, is that ok?

    Polly # 9

  7. Dear Polly,

    How are you doing? I love you. I think Abe Lincoln was six feet tall. I had fun when Mrs. Shickle read us a book that day. Abe Lincoln lived in a log cabin. A little girl said that he would be cute if he grew a beard. I think that was dumb. I think Abe Lincoln was funny because he keeps his papers in his hat. Polly looks so cute in the picture.