Going Around the World

Around the World Champ #1

I was so excited when Mrs. Shickle said we were going Around the World, but when I found out she meant play a game, I was a little sad, that is until we played the game!

Have you ever played around the world? It’s a really fun game where everyone sits in a circle, then one student stands behind another student and they both try to answer a question at the same time. The one who answers first gets to move to the next student that is sitting. The first student to go all the way around the circle (World) without having to sit down is the Champ!

We have been playing using addition facts. You have to know the answers very quickly,to be the champ! We have had two winners so far.

Be sure to practice your addition facts so you will get really good at answering quickly! If you would like some fact cards, leave Mrs. Shickle a comment and she will give you some.
I hope there will be a girl champ soon!
Love, Polly # 9

Going around the World

Around the World Champ #3

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2 Responses to “Going “Around the World” with Polly # 9”

  1. I know all of my states and state capitals

    I played this game when I was in school, but we played with state capitals. Your version sounds fun. Keep up the good work, Mrs. Shickle’s Class.

  2. Congratulations to the first two “Around the World” Champions!