Rhyming in Mother Goose's Kinder"garden"

We haven’t been posting many stories from school because we’ve been so busy getting ready to register boys and girls for kindergarten next year.  Mrs. Shickle and some of the other teachers and staff at Berkeley Heights worked very hard for a long time to make decorations for this very special event.  It was all about Mother Goose Rhymes.  I was very sad that there weren’t any rhymes about frogs but it was still alot of fun.  I did pose for some pictures.  Hope you like them.

Polly #9

The sheep are in the meadow, the cows are in the corn, and the frog is on the haystack!

Mary had a little frog....umm....I mean lamb.

Gee this pad is hoppin'! How many kids live here?

I won't let you fall!

And the Frog ran away with the spoon!

Down came the rain and the frog jumped in the puddle...isn't that how it goes?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water...out jumped a frog...

Old Mother Goose

Hey Diddle Diddle the Frog and the Fiddle...

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