Nancy Shaw author of Sheep in a Jeep

Mrs. Shaw explained how books are printed

According  author Nancy Shaw they can!

Today we met three new friends: author of the children’s book series Sheep in a Jeep,Nancy Shaw, Bob the Sheep, and some silly raccoon characters from her new book Raccoon Tune.  It was so much fun! Mrs. Shaw taught us some fun songs, performed a skit about a raccoon getting into the trash, and read us several of her books.

Nancy Shaw

I liked meeting Bob the Sheep and Mrs. Shaw!

It was so neat to have the chance to meet a real author. Thank you for coming to our school Mrs. Shaw!

Love, Polly #9

P.S. I love that her books use a lot of rhyming words, because rhyming words are fun! I wonder if she could write a rhyme about a traveling frog.

Let’s see–frog, smog, log. That’s a good start. Can you think of any other words that rhyme with frog?

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8 Responses to “Can a Sheep Drive a Jeep?”

  1. I bet it has an automatic transmission. I’d hate to teach a sheep to shift gears!

  2. This sounds a little fishy, but…
    Can a pike ride a bike?

  3. Can a duck drive a truck?

  4. log,bog,hog

  5. When catching a taxi…Can a bear pay his fare?
    Can a monkey ride a donkey?
    Can a crane ride a train?
    Can an owl pull a plow?

    Are there any more ideas?

  6. sheep beep everyone . It was a very long time in the cafeteria. by sheep keep on beeping your horn.

  7. WOW!

  8. fog dog