Frog and Rabbit are Friends

Frog and Rabbit are Friends!

I’m happy to introduce my new friend! This is Polly the Easter Rabbit. My friend Walker brought her to school today for me to meet. Polly Rabbit told me some things about Easter and it sounds really fun! I’ve never been on an egg hunt before,and what in the world are jelly beans? I can’t wait to find out!
Love Polly # 9

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2 Responses to “Another New Friend!”

  1. They’re Not As Good As Flies!

    Thanks for the info! I met the Easter Bunny tonight and he let me taste a jelly bean, they’re pretty good, but I like flies better!

    Polly #9

  2. Polly Doesn’t Know What a Jellybean Is!

    Dear Polly,
    You eat jelly beans. They taste like different ice cream flavors. Bubblegum, grape, orange, banana, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, banana split, and purple berry are a few of them. They come in many different colors: blue, yellow, orange, red, black, pink, green, tan, brown, white, and purple. They are even sparkly ones and some have spots. Jelly beans are oval shaped.
    R.W. & A.J.