Alien Girl

"Take me to Your Leader!"

This is my niece. Everyone in our family calls her Mad Dog. Isn’t that a funny nickname? What do you think is in her hair? I think she looks like an alien! What do you think?

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11 Responses to “Alien Girl!”

  1. Good guesses everyone!!! They are spike curlers. You put them in your hair overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you take the spike curlers out of your hair and you have instant spiral curls. They are made out of sponge like material…so no Maddog is not an alien, she just wanted to have curly hair for the play “Little Women”. She played the part of one of the four sisters. The play took place in the 1800’s. Back then girls would roll their hair in rags to get spiral curls. I bet you that Polly loves the story “Little Women”. Do you?

  2. Mrs. Barne's class
    December 17th, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Our Guesses:

    ~I think the things in Mad Dog’s hair are made out of Play-Doh.

    ~She has pipe cleaners in her hair.

    ~I think water noodles are in Mad Dog’s hair.

    ~Mad Dog has bendaroos in her hair.

  3. This looks funny. Polly loves Mad Dog’s hair. I think it looks terrible and funny. She looks like a flower.

  4. I think bendaroos are in Mad Dog’s hair!

  5. I like this picture. Her hair looks purple and pink.

  6. Christopher and Mommy
    December 19th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    I think her hair is different colored worms, and she lives on mars..Polly is so lucky to go to another planet, she must have gone in a spaceship.I wonder if she liked the ride?

  7. These are our guesses:

    1. I think Mad Dog has spoons in her hair.

    2. She has bendaroos in her hair.

    3. Mad Dog has purple and pink sticks in her hair.

    4. Mad Dog has purple and pink pencils in her hair.

    4. Mad Dog has purple and pink candles in her hair.

    5. She has colorful drumsticks in her hair.

    We think Mad Dog is an alien from outer space!

  8. Christopher~
    How did you guess that Mad Dog lives on Mars? That means Mrs. Schneider’s niece is a Martian….shhhh, don’t tell anyone! She’s trying to keep it a secret. I agree, I’m a lucky frog! I love to travel and space travel would be a dream come true. I hope I can travel to Mars when Mad Dog decides to go home.

    Thanks for writing!
    Love, Polly

  9. Mrs. Pearrell's class
    December 21st, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Space Kid is Really a Girl!

    We have lots of guesses:

    1. I think colored spoons are in her hair.

    2. I think colorful pencils are in her hair.

    3. She has purple and pink Play-Doh in her hair.

    4. Mad Dog has sticks in her hair.

    5. Mad Dog has colorful styrofoam growing out of her hair!

    6. She has jumpropes on her head.

    We think that she is not an alien. She’s a regular girl. Polly put them in Mad Dog’s hair to make her look like an alien.

  10. Dear Polly,
    Do you like coffee? Mrs. Schneider likes coffee.

    I think Mad Dog has pipe cleaners in her hair.

    See you later Alligator,

  11. Dear Naomi,
    I don’t like coffee, but I do like how coffee smells! I don’t think Mad Dog likes coffee either, but I’ve never asked her.

    See you next week!