"Tell me what you know about these little guys."

Ok, we are going to “hop to it” and start learning about tadpoles. I’m a frog so why do you think I am so excited about having tadpoles in our class? What is a tadpole anyway?

Before we read and learn about tadpoles I need your help! Mrs. Shickle’s class learned about a K-W-L chart. That is a chart that lists: K- what we know, W- what we want to know, and L- what we learned.

I would like for you to post something you already know about tadpoles. Don’t ask your parents or look it up on the internet or in a book. Just post something you already know about tadpoles,and something you would like to know about tadpoles. We will make the lists at school from your posts. Remember you and I both get a penny if you post!
Love, Polly # 9

Mrs. Shickle: K: I know that tadpoles like to swim
W: What do tadpoles eat?

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10 Responses to “A Home for Our New Friends”

  1. Where are my soccer shoes?
    Nice sneakers, but I’m still waiting for my soccer shoes with black socks. Oh, did I tell you, I’m still waiting…


  2. K: I know that frogs jump.
    W: How big is a frog egg?

  3. What will you do with the frogs when school lets out for the summer. Do you let one of your students bring them home?

  4. Wow! I’m so happy. I love tadpoles.

  5. Mrs. Shickle's Class
    April 15th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    Dear Mrs. King,
    We have a book that show many kind of frogs. They are many different colors. Some are red, blue, yellow,and orange. Some have spots and some have stripes.

  6. Mrs. Shickle's Class
    April 15th, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    Dear Anonymous,
    Today we read a book about tadpoles and found out that frog eggs are the size of peas.

  7. K: I know that some frogs are green.
    W: What other colors can frogs be?

  8. Dear Naomi,
    I do like friends, especially friends like you!
    I still remember our fun bike ride!
    Love Polly # 9

  9. Dear g.g.
    We have a little pond behind our school and I think my friends would like to live there. That way we can continue to visit. They are like family you know.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Polly # 9

  10. wow do you like friends?