100th Day of School

100th Day of School

Hello Everyone,
I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to write, but you just won’t believe all that we’ve been doing in Mrs. Shickle’s Class. On my first day in her classroom, we celebrated the 100th day of school. I’m very sad that I missed the first 99 days, because kindergarten is so much fun! We did many activities that included the numeral 100. We put together a 100 piece puzzle, made a paper chain with 100 links, made a tower with 100 cups–just to name a few things!

Kids have fun with 100 cups!

My favorite activity was making 100th day glasses! Don’t you think I look really cool in my glasses!

Love, Polly #9

P.S. Mrs. Shickle made a cake for us! Yum!

Rockin' our 100 day classes!

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15 Responses to “100th Day of School with Polly # 9”

  1. Only you could be that creative to give Polly glasses-so cute!

  2. Celebrating the 100th day of school is a fantastic idea! It looks like you had a fun day, and I bet the cake was great too!

  3. Polly is a lucky frog! I want a pair of glasses too! (Please!)

  4. I want a pair of 100th day glasses too! Mrs. Shickle, can you make me a pair of the toad-ally cool glasses?

  5. Lookin’ good Polly!

  6. Dear Mrs. Shickle,
    Polly looks funny in those glasses. The class looks like a rainbow when they put their glasses on. I think Polly had fun in your class.


  7. I want my own pair of glasses too! Please, I’ve been a good frog!

  8. Dear Polly,
    You looked nice in your glasses. Your favorite part of the day was making 100 day glasses. My favorite part was making 100 day glasses, building the tower with 100 cups, and making a chain out of one hundred strips of paper. I also liked putting together a puzzle with one hundred pieces.


    You”re a great puzzle worker!

    I’m glad you like my glasses, wasn’t that fun to make them! I had fun on the 100th day too! I remember that you are very good at working puzzles.
    Polly # 9

  9. Dear Polly,
    You are a good travel frog. I think you look awesome with the 100th day glasses! I liked building with cups. There were one hundred cups.

    Counting Cups!

    I am so glad you had an awesome 100th day of school! I had a “toad-ly awesome time too! Did you count all of those cups? That means you can count all the way to 100, wow you are a smart girl!
    Polly # 9

  10. Polly,
    We had fun on the 100th day of school. We ate cake and it was good. We made glasses that looked like 100.
    Love, Kesi

    I Love Cake too!

    Hi Kesi,
    I’m glad you liked the cake, Mrs. Shickle forgot to give me a piece. I guess she didn’t know Polly Frogs love cake too. I’m so glad she didn’t forget to give me 100th day glasses, I think they are really cool, and you looked cool in your glasses too.
    Polly # 9

  11. Dear Polly,

    We had a cake on the 100th day of school. We played with 100 cups and we made a castle. We made glasses that looked like 100. My glasses were pink and your glasses were blue.

    100 is a Fun Number

    Dear Jocelyn,
    I am so glad you had fun on the 100th day of school. You looked very pretty in your pink glasses!
    Love, Polly # 9

  12. Dear Polly,
    Did you like making 100 day glasses? I liked making 100 day glasses too. Did you like making a 100 piece puzzle? I liked stacking the 100 cups into a pyramid. Did Mrs. Shickle really forget to give you a piece of cake?

    Yes, She Did Forget!

    Dear Jakob,
    I’m glad you had fun on the 100th day. Yes, Mrs. Shickle did forget to give me some cake. Would you do me a favor and remind her to include me when you do special projects and have special snacks.
    Polly # 9

  13. Dear Polly,
    I liked making the paper chains. I liked having cake. I thought it tasted really good. I’m sorry that you didn’t get any.

    I liked the Chain too!

    Dear Christopher,
    I like the paper chain too, it was very colorful.
    It’s okay that I didn’t get any cake. I’m sure I will get some snack the next time. I’m glad I got some green eggs and ham, I love anything green.
    Polly # 9

  14. Dear Polly,
    Did you have fun? Yes, I did too

  15. You are cute, but you eat flies