Everyone knows that frogs love water, and Polly 12 is no exception. So when a chance came up to go along on a scuba diving trip to the Cayman Islands, I couldn’t resist.   So after a four hour flight from Philadelphia Airport, we arrived in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

Polly 12 arrives in Grand Cayman!

Grand Cayman is located in the western Caribbean just 480 miles south of Miami. The Cayman Islands consists of three islands namely Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. These three islands are overseen by the British. While Grand Cayman is known to a lot of people, most people (other than scuba divers) are not familiar with the two sister islands.

Map of the Cayman Islands. Note that Little Cayman is 75 miles away from Grand Cayman.





Little Cayman is about 75 miles across the ocean from Grand Cayman and is very isolated. There are only about 200 people that live on this island. Cayman Brac is about 11 miles away from Little Cayman and is a little more developed, but still only about 2000 people live on the island. So how do you get to see and dive on all three islands..well I was about to find out.





After a short ride from the airport we arrived at the dock of the Cayman Aggressor IV. This yacht is where we would spend the week. The yacht is 110 feet long and can take 18 guests and crew for a week long adventure. The yacht would be our home for the week. We would sleep, eat and of course scuba dive from the yacht for the entire week. The yacht would travel between all three islands and the divers could get to see the best of what the underwater world had to offer on all three islands. Divers enjoy up to five dives a day at any one of a numerous dive sites.  Dive sites included reefs, ship wrecks and steep vertical walls that can drop thousands of feet straight down.

Polly 12 aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV




After a quick tour around the yacht, the divers started setting up their gear and getting ready for the next days dives. I was totally surprised at how much gear, including scuba equipment, photography and video equipment a group of divers can bring onto the boat. Obviously it takes some training to be a scuba diver, but I got the benefit of being able to tag along for the ride.





While everyone was getting gear setup, I took this time to hop around the yacht and eventually made it up to the bridge.  The bridge is where the captain steers the yacht. With the captain’s approval, I got to look around the bridge and get a close look at all the controls.


Polly 12 is ready to navigate to the next dive site.

All ahead full!



Captain Lowel was a little surprised at having a frog in the bridge, but he made me feel welcomed on his yacht as did the entire crew.





Captain Lowel had help from Chef Jonathon and Divemasters Trent, Lauren and Greg to run the entire boat for the week. The did everything from preparing the meals, helping the divers in and out of the water, cleaning up the guest rooms and doing everything that was needed on the boat. This five person crew took complete care of the seventeen guests and one frog that were on board the boat for the week.


The crew of the Cayman Aggressor IV (L/R Divemaster Greg, Photo Pro Trent, Captain Lowel and Video Pro Lauren) Chef Jonathon was in the kitchen preparing us something yummy so he wasn't able to be included.


Scuba diving takes a lot of equipment!


After everyone had all their gear setup, I took a quick look around the dive deck. Jeff helped me try on his equipment, but obviously it was a little big for me.  But not to worry, this group of divers were well prepared to take me along underwater.  I did not have to worry about how deep we were going, or how much air we had, or which fish like to eat frogs.  I got to go along in a special housing and see everything the underwater world had to offer.  Along the way I got to meet a bunch of new friends, both with fins and without.

Stay tuned for my continuing story when I get to go underwater with the divers!

The Cayman Aggressor IV at anchor.







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8 Responses to “Polly 12 Goes to the Cayman Islands”

  1. It looks like you had a great time…I can’t wait to see your diving pictures!

  2. I am green with envy that you went on this awesome trip! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Hi, Polly #12! Wow, what an adventure! I have a few questions for you….
    1. How long did it take you to get your sea legs?
    2. Did you or anyone else get seasick? (I hope not!)
    3. How was the food on board?

  4. It was quite an adventure. The weather cooperated for the week so the waves were quite calm. But even in a calm ocean you can get seasick if you are not used to to. Being this was not our first liveaboard…a liveaboard is a term for a scuba diving trip vacation where you spend the entire week on the boat….we took some medicine prior to getting on the boat. I don’t think anyone got sick on this trip. I know for me, being on a boat and setting up all the intricate photography gear for a few hours can do me in. I felt it slightly for the first few hours but that was about it.

    THe food on board was terrific. We had a four star chef from San Diego (if I remember correctly). Chef Jonathon is usually on the dive deck, but the normal chef was off so Jonathon filled in for the week. The one thing about this type of trip is that you are always eating. You have breakfast, dive, have a fresh baked snack (i.e. cookies, cake, etc.), do another dive, then lunch. After lunch, do another dive followed by a hot snack (like chicken wings, pizza, etc). A fourth dive then followed by dinner. Then about 8pm do a fifth dive followed by hot chocolate and a hot towel right out of the dryer. Then head up to the top deck to watch the stars and relax. Go to bed, and then repeat. It is a vacation for the mind but not for the body. We usually come more tired then when we left, but it is all worth it.

  5. This is a lovely site and I am enjoying reading about Pollys travels…

  6. I agree with Mike. There are lots of good adventures, and Polly #12 gets into all kinds of exciting stuff. I like seeing Jeff’s pictures and reading about his trips.

  7. hi polly!

  8. Hi Devin!