Myanmar is a country that used to be called Burma.  We had to get a visa before we arrived, so we did this in Thailand.  A visa is a pass that allows a frog or person to travel to a country.  It was the first time I had to visit an embassy to apply for a visa!

After receiving the visa, we arrived in Myanmar and visited a place called Bagan.  The plains around Bagan are covered with 800 Buddhist temples, shrines, pagodas and stupas! (All of these are different type of buildings).  It is too many to see, so a frog needs to choose the best places.

Many people tour the sites by a car, but it is more fun to see it with a horse and buggy!

Polly rides a horse and buggy in Bagan!

I was not allowed to ride on the horse when it was moving, but was very happy to sit in the buggy.  I liked listening to clip-clop sounds of the horse’s hooves on the ground.

I love to travel this way!

There were two temples that I liked more than all the others  The first was called the Ananda Pahto (Ananda Temple) and it was built in the year 1105 – that is a very long time ago!   The temple was large and beautiful, and it had plants outside with beautiful purple flowers.  The centre spire of the temple is gilded in gold.

Polly outside the Ananda Temple

I also found a scary looking statue – I am glad it was only a statue and not real!

Polly and a scary statue at Ananda Temple

After visiting this temple we were hungry, so we ate lunch. The restaurant served many small dishes, which is a common way to eat in Asia.

Polly eating lunch in Bagan

After a delicious lunch, we visited my favourite temple, the  Sulamani Pahto (Sulamani Temple) was built in 1181.  There were not as many visitors, and it had some large natural areas around the temple.

The Sulamani Temple in Bagan - my favourite!

The inside of the temple has a corridor where one can hop around the whole building.  There are many statues and wall paintings called murals.

Can you find Polly outside of the Sulamani Temple?

After visiting many temples, we relaxed at the  Dhammayazika Paya (Dhammayazika Pagoda) to watch sunset and look over many old buildings.  I could not count all the buildings that I could see with my big froggy eyes – there were too many!

Polly finishes a wonderful day at Bagan!

After the sun had set, we returned to our hotel room and said goodbye to the horse and its owner.  This was a special day of travel and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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3 Responses to “Polly visits an area with 800 temples!”

  1. This is a beautiful post! Now I have one more place to add to my ‘bucket list’. News flash…you are the first frog to post from Myanmar–good job!

  2. I love your food pictures! You certainly take some great trips. It’s funny that I’ve heard of Burma, but not Myanmar. It’s nice learning new things.

  3. Every one of these pictures looks like a postcard. Great stuff!