I was very excited because I was going to see my first musical!  It is called “The Lion King” and it is about Africa, and because I had visited Africa last year, Shane said that I would enjoy it.

Polly holds her front row ticket to The Lion King

Shane visited his favourite hotel in Singapore, the Pan Pacific and it was very beautiful.  The hotel gave Shane an upgrade and he was very happy.  The room had a very big bed and it was fun to hop around.

Polly plays on a large bed at the Pan Pacific Singapore

After so much playing, I was a very hot frog, so I went for a swim in the basin in the bathroom to feel cooler.

Polly goes for a swim in the basin

The view from the hotel was very good.  Shane showed me the building we were going to see The Lion King, it is called the Marina Bay Sands.  Shane said that it is most expensive hotel ever built in the world and it cost 8.0 billion Singapore dollars to build, which is 6.5 billion US or Australian dollars.  The hotel has 2,561 rooms which is a lot of rooms – imagine how many frogs could stay in so many rooms!

Singapore at night - Marina Bay Sands is the building on the left with the three towers

The night of seeing The Lion King arrived and both Shane and I were very excited!  Shane washed my clothes so I looked very nice.  Shane was very happy because he had D row in a place called the stalls, and he said that D row was the front row.  I asked why A row was not the first row and Shane thinks it is because the first three row is where the orchestra sit in a place called the orchestra pit. We arrived at the Sands Theater and went to our seats.  I was happy to see such a beautiful theatre!

Polly sits in the The Sands Theater

The show was very wonderful!  There were lots of people dressed like animals that I had seen in Africa like lions, giraffes, hyenas and a warthog.  Because we were so close we could see that the costumes and make-up had lots of detail.  The story was very good, but it was scary at times, and the music was very nice to listen to.

Polly waits for the show to start from her front row seat

When the show ended everyone applauded for a very long time and some people stood because they were so happy.  I waved to the performers and some of them waved back to me! I enjoyed the Lion King very much – I liked the story and the costumes and I still croak the music when sitting in my pond at night.

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4 Responses to “Polly sees The Lion King in Singapore”

  1. Now THAT’S a hotel room! And a front row seat?! What could be better?

  2. Great post and great pictures! You are so lucky to be able to do and see so many wonderful things!

  3. I’ve always wanted to see the Lion King….I bet it was amazing. Polly was lucky to have front row seats.

  4. Is it for the Lion King Music for the story. Well I like afican music I bet it was amzing and beautiful.