I was very excited for my overnight visit to a small village called Hahoe (pronounced ha-way).  I was joined by my friends, Lenny the Tarsier and Blu’ the Travel ‘Roo – they also travel with Shane, but have seen more countries than me!

The village was founded 600 years old, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Shane told me that a place is chosen for World Heritage if it is a cultural and natural site that has “outstanding universal value.”  There are now 936 sites around the world.

Polly, Lenny and Blu outside the entrance to Hahoe Village

The name Hahoe comes from the Korean words Ha meaning “river” and Hoe meaning “winding”.   The Nakdong River flows around the village that has 142 buildings – 63 straw-roofed houses, 50 tile-roofed houses and 29 “other types”.   Only 232 people live in Hahoe.

The first place we went was the house we were staying overnight. It was the home of an old couple and they did not speak English – so we needed to use a Korean phrasebook to communicate.

The home where we slept - our room is the one with the open door.

The room was small but comfortable.  In these buildings, people sleep on blankets on the floor.

The room we slept in. Shane's backpack is on the left.

We were invited for a traditional Korean lunch.  The food was very special – they serve many small dishes on a large plate – there was so much to choose from, I did not know what to eat first!

Polly prepares to eat a traditional Korean lunch

Shane, Lenny, Blu and I all shared very delicious food, it was almost too much food for the four of us!

Shane feeds Polly rice by using chopsticks

Once we finished eating a very nice lunch, we all explored the village.  The people who live here make sure that the village keeps looking historic.  There is only one small tourist shop with no large modern signs.  Even the postman changes into traditional clothes when delivering letters in Hahoe, and he changes again into modern clothes after he leaves.  Hahoe is a wonderful village and we saw many beautiful and old buildings.  It did feel as if we had gone back in time!

Lenny, Polly and Blu walk outside of the Bukchon Residence in Hahoe

After a tiring day walking, crawling, hopping and jumping everywhere, we returned to our home.  In traditional Korean  homes, they warm homes with an ondol, which is where a fire is lit underneath the room, and this heats the floor of the room to a comfortable temperature.  It was a cool night so we were happy that the room had an ondol!

We warm ourselves in front of the Ondol - our room is through the door above

We slept very well after a wonderful day at Hahoe.  Lenny, Blu, Shane and I all agree that this was one of our best and favourite travelling experiences!

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2 Responses to “Polly #7 Hops Back in Time”

  1. What a great post! I’m so jealous that Polly #7 is experiencing such wonderful places, but I’m glad she has some friends to travel with. (However, I don’t think there could be a better travel companion than Shane.) I think it’s so nice that he takes Polly to such interesting places and lets her experience so many different cultures. The food looks delicious as well!

    Polly #2

  2. I like all of the choices you had for lunch. That looks really good.