I went on another plane and visited the Philippines.  We arrived in a city called Cebu, and near it was a place called Mactan Island.  Shane told me that Mactan Island was famous and he told me an interesting story.

On 10 August 1519 a man called Ferdinand Magellan left Spain with 237 on five ships to find new trade routes.  His expedition was the first ever to travel around the whole world!  But when he reached Mactan Island, Magellan was killed by a local man called Lapu Lapu, who the people in the Philippines see as a hero.  Shane also told me that the expedition continued under the command of  Juan Sebastián Elcano.

On 6 September 1922, Elcano arrived in Spain on the only boat still sailing, the Victoria.  It took them more than three years to sail the whole world and only 18 men survived from the 237 who started the voyage.  It is an amazing story!

Site of the Battle of Mactan

I then travelled to the island of Bohol, it is very, very beautiful.  There were hills there that people called Chocolate Hills, because they go brown in summer and look like chocolate.   The hills are a strange shape.  I like eating chocolate, so I liked the Chocolate Hills!

Polly and the Chocolate Hills

I then travelled to a place called the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary run by The Philippine Tarsier Foundation.   The tarsier is only half the size of me and but it has very large eyes!  Shane told me that the Tarsier is the world’s smallest primate, but it is not a monkey.

Shane also said that many places keep the tarsiers in cages so people can hold them, but it makes the tarsier very unhappy and they do not live long – that made me sad.  It is better to let the tariser be free so that they can live in the trees where they belong.  We were lucky to see five tarsiers in trees.

The Tarsier is very beautiful!

After travelling for so long, I was tired, so we went to our hotel.  They served Shane a meal of prawns.  But they are called shrimps in other parts of the world. The prawns were big and Shane had trouble eating them all!  I decided to eat some mosquitoes instead, and they were very nice.

Shane ate all these big prawns!

I have had very interesting days in the Philippines, but I am staying for a few more days, so am looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful island of Bohol.

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2 Responses to “Polly #7 Sees a Tarsier!”

  1. Great information and pictures!

  2. I’m fascinated by the Chocolate Hills–I had never heard of them before. It must be very interesting to see them when they are brown in the summer. The Tarsier sure is a cute little guy!