Polly #14 enjoying a Chinese meal

Here is Polly #14 in Beijing enjoying a delicious Chinese dinner. In China people eat a lot of rice, but also chicken, beef, pork, noodles and other foods.

Temple of Heaven

Here is Polly #14 in Beijing China at the ancient Temple of Heaven. Now it is like a museum but in ancient times the people would go there to sacrifice oxen and pray for a good harvest.

Polly #14 on tour of the Forbidden City in Beijing

Here is Polly #14 on tour in Beijing China at the Forbidden City, which is now open to the public. Once upon a time Chinese people named it Forbidden City because the Emperor lived there and it was not open to the public.

Tienanmen Square

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5 Responses to “Polly #14 in Beijing,China”

  1. Thanks for posting! I had a fantastic time when I visited China, and your post brought back great memories!

  2. Love the photos, especially the first one with all the flowers! Great job posting educational information, but then you work at the Post . . .you have a second career there if you need it. Liz

  3. I’m glad that didn’t sacrifice frogs at the Temple of Heaven! Just kidding…the temple looks amazing!

  4. That must be so cool to be in China. If I were there the only Chinese food I would try would be really,really good dumplings. I really want to go to China.

  5. Al, the food in China is delicious! I really hope you can travel there someday so you can experience their amazing culture.