We saw a lot of amazing things in Phnom Penh, and some very sad history from the 1970’s when the Khmer Rouge, and Pol Pot ruled the country and did a lot of horrible things. The people of Cambodia were very happy and friendly considering what happened to them though, and everyone was happy to meet Polly.

The Royal Palace, where the King of Cambodia lives and works, was located in a very large enclosed park like area, with many magnificent buildings and pagodas (Where important people, such as past Kings, are buried)

We also got to visit a local market, where Cambodian people go to do their daily shopping for things that we normally get at the supermarket. The area of the market you see in the picture was the ‘Vegetable Section’, there was also an area for meats and eggs, and area for clothing and cloth materials, and an area for general goods, with everything from soap to hairbrushes!

At one of the local markets in Phnom Penh where Cambodians do their daily shopping.

Phnom Penh

Outside one of the many pagodas in the grounds for the Royal Palace

Phnom Penh

In front of the Royal Palace

Driving through the city

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4 Responses to “Polly #24 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia”

  1. I love the pictures!

  2. Your pictures are fantastic–as always! I especially love the picture of Polly catching a ride through the city! Thanks for posting!

  3. The architecture is spectacular. I think we’d call some of it overkill here in the states, but it’s different in some ornate kind of way. Your pictures and story are very good! Show me more!


  4. Nice post!