Hi, my name is Polly and I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself. First off, take a good look at me. If you haven’t noticed up until now—I’m a frog. Not only am I a frog, but I’m also a travel frog. I’m always wearing a big smile,I have great big bulging eyes, and I’m a beautiful shade of green. Here are a few of the fantastic places I’ve visited so far…
 Polly #43 sitting on the beach in South Africa  Polly was skiing in Austria<br />
 with the Wegener Family

Polly hasn’t been to Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, or Belgium yet….If you’re heading to one of those places, please take Polly on your next adventure!

At one time I lived a happy but sheltered life as a classroom frog in West Virginia, but that all changed when I met two wonderful women named Debbie and Candee. They introduced me to the world of travel, and now I’m always ready for the next adventure.

That’s where YOU come in! My goal is to travel the world and I want you to get in on the fun! Are you ready? Get Your Very Own Travel Frog!

Hello Mrs. Sim’s Class!  Check out this Polly story!

Sing Along with Polly…

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As you can see, Polly loves to travel…even under the waves!

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Video provided by: Mike, Jeff, and Kristi. Thank you!

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